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Our Mission

Saffola aims to create a Heart Healthy India by inspiring and educating people on the importance of taking care of their heart.
Our Contribution
Saffola has helped take care of millions of hearts on its mission to make India heart healthy. Through Saffola Life, a non-profit initiative, we urge people to aspire for better heart health.
Why Saffola Oils are a good choice for a healthy heart
Promotes Better Heart Health
Each Saffola oil variant has been specially formulated to help keep your family heart healthy.
Helps you manage your cholesterol
Oryzanol Helps Maintain Cholesterol Levels
Saffola oils provide you with the benefits of Oryzanol which help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
Complements your fitness efforts_2
Complements Your Fitness Efforts
Saffola’s LOSORB™ technology helps your food absorb lesser oil.
Ideal For All Cooking Styles
Perfect for experimenting with new techniques and cuisines while bringing out the natural flavour of your food.
State-of-the-art Processing Machinery
To ensure that we provide you with high quality products, our plants are equipped with sustainable, modern and technologically forward machinery.
Green manufacturing is the vision that is at the heart of our environmental stewardship - a holistic approach that encompasses energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, waste management, renewable energy and greener manufacturing processes and technologies. The manufacturing plants of Saffola use top-notch tools and equipment to help optimize the various stages of production. We promise to deliver best-in-class cooking oils that help make India heart healthy.
Our Achievements
Saffola has been conferred with multiple prestigious awards for its longstanding vision of heart health.

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